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Lifestyle, where people are taking time in their lives to enjoy the meals and coffees, there were no work emails on weekends, one could keep work out of the mind when at home, people are spending abundant quality time with their families etc. There are very few to keep such lifestyle in a capitalist country... Continue Reading →

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Early Retirement is a Perspective

In India, the idea of early retirement is very uncommon and almost unheard of. It is not that everybody is just in love with their work but it has been wired deep into our DNA that "work is worship". Basically people have high insecurities about their future that they are ready to sacrifice their complete... Continue Reading →

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Subtle Art of Self-Appreciation

Read time: 6 Minutes "Ambitious people are in a rush. They see life as a series of goals. Which is as such not a bad thing if they know how to pause for a while, cherish the outcome of each goal and then aspire to target the next. In this post, we would discuss some small ways in which we can add more fun to the journey. There are two phases you can enjoy the success!"

Power of Compounding: Finance and Beyond

Read time: 6 Mins Perspective: The idea of compounding is even more fascinating when you think of it outside finance. It works exactly in the same manner for health, wisdom, memory, knowledge and so on. You give it time, and it returns the magic. You give exercise to your muscle for 20-30-40 years, it becomes solid and gives you support for old-age. When you spend some time on your linear algebra skills every month a bit for years, it returns the favor in unimaginable ways. The folks who receive Nobel prizes in sciences, it is for their consistent dedicated work over decades, it can also be visualized as they are compounding!

Index Funds and Life Quirks

Lately, I got a bit more involved in the gamut of investing. Though it was fun reading the financial statements, going through companies' fundamentals, financial metrics and optimism/pessimism of the market etc, but with the full-time job and family, this was too overwhelming. In this post, I want to discuss the index funds from a... Continue Reading →

Wealth Creation Formula

Here is a snippet of a conversation: Tax consultant (TC): Usually people have less income during retirement, and most of the time, they fall in the least tax slabs.Me: That sounds horrible, I want to retire rich. Potentially early, too. And, with a constant source of income.TC: Alright, then let us go with that strategy... Continue Reading →

Investor Dilemmas in Expensive Market

It had been quite a turn-off to look at the market from investment perspective throughout year 2018. Every now and then, it looked damn expensive to enter. Many of the valuation reports I carried or came across turned out to be like, the company is a great business but not at current valuations. I really... Continue Reading →

Humbly Rich in 2019

It has been some time since I last wrote on the website, my apologies. A part of it, I was brainstorming an idea of the point of writing this blog. I was struck quite hard by the Socratic paradox "I know that I know nothing" or in other words "As much I am learning/knowing, one... Continue Reading →

Three Pathways to Riches

Recently, I read an article in the economics times on three categories of people who made it big in terms of money. I find a lot of synergy of that article with our article on Path to Wealth From Employee to Investor. Here is a small comparison snippet. The article says such people who make... Continue Reading →

Meet John Volanthen – Passion Found Purpose

In today's post, I want to introduce John Volanthen who recently emerged as a world hero. Many of you might be aware of the recent news about a group of young footballers trapped and rescued from a cave in Thailand. To give some context, here is a brief narration. The boys entered into the cave... Continue Reading →

Investment in Gold Jewellery Vs Gold Biscuits Vs Digital Gold Units

Has it ever happened that you or your partner wants to buy gold and there is an argument? It is a common issue because gold is a bit debatable metal. It comes with some pros and cons. Gold has enjoyed this premium position traditionally in our lives as we buy it on different occasions. Because... Continue Reading →

Path to Wealth From Employee to Investor

The ultimate way to make wealth is "to put your money to work". The cashflow quadrant (below figure) defines this quite well. People can be categorized into one of the quadrants. In this post, we will try to have a closer look at what does it mean and how one can build the ultimate wealth... Continue Reading →

Rule 2: Loss Minimization is Key in the Stock Market

People often tend to neglect a simple subtraction rule of mathematics while participating in the stock market. The total amount of money made out of the stock market = profit - loss. In order to make the most money, the best performing stocks in the portfolio should give maximum return while the return from the... Continue Reading →

Habit 2: Talk to Your Body from Time to Time

Do you talk to your body? Yes, you heard it right, do you talk to your body? Believe it or not, your body talks to you. This is not a word game, I have felt it. Some years ago, I was doing a regular run in a park to prepare for an upcoming Half Marathon.... Continue Reading →

Say Thanks to a Negative Job Interview Outcome

Often a negative outcome of a job interview leaves one disappointed. Sometimes it is devastating. It is usually a strong feeling and is even stronger if you had put too much effort in the preparations. It can be so that someone might just completely give up. In this post, we will discuss that a negative... Continue Reading →

How Much Money is Enough to Retire Early

Many people think of early retirement but do not have a clear idea on what is enough for their retirement. It is rather that absence of knowledge, they end up working more than necessary just in order to have a secure retirement. Whether you can considering an early retirement or not, it is better to... Continue Reading →

Habit 1: Live on Your Own – As Much As Possible

The art of living on your own has a potential to give a solid ground to life. This is one of those few qualities that increases the self-confidence and take things to the next level. Not to mention, this is also one of the important qualities to find your path towards getting rich and achieving... Continue Reading →

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