Hi Readers! Welcome to the blog. This blog presents the experiments on living humbly, investing, getting rich and retiring early (in that order)! In this whole process, the byproduct is improved quality of life with healthy body, mind and relationships!


Living humbly has immensely positive effects on career, life, relationships and finances among other things. It can help really making it big!

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Uninvested money is just wasted. Investments can do wonders: make you rich and financially independent. You just need that gentle push.

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Even if you love your job, do it without having to depend on that salary. You may love it even more! Fiancial independence is a thing.

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Index Funds and Life Quirks

Lately, I got a bit more involved in the gamut of investing. Though it was fun reading the financial statements, going through companies’ fundamentals, financial metrics and optimism/pessimism of the[…]

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