Hi there! I am a research scientist working for a leading internet company (one of Google/FB/Amazon/Microsoft) and carry applied research in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I have PhD in computer science. The work I do is very exciting and pays very well. Despite the high salary, I am leading a very humble (yet comfortable) life and actively planning to be financially independent. I am pretty convinced, the moment I decouple money from what I do, I will enjoy it much more. Hence, the idea of financial independence and retire early (FIRE) fascinates me.

I have consistently lived economically (imagine a graduate student abroad) and have had my fair share of being raised in a middle-class family. With a sudden increase in income, there was an urge to upscale the life standards crazily. Looking around, it seems the whole nation is eventually succumbing to this urge. Most often people confuse expensive life with high quality life, especially in India. Social media is just adding fuel to it. This confusion is the root cause of monetary rat-race out there.

In the quality time I get with myself, I often test the ideas to make-save-invest money and getting to a point to retire early. The statistician in me aspires to analyse the data points and the researcher in me thrives to share the results. I welcome you to be part of this journey!

You will be surprised to notice, how a great and rich life doesn’t need a couple of hours of commute, swanky cars, wastage of food, domestic help, loose expenses. All these things lead to a super spend and always keep one stressed to earn more money.

The idea of retiring early is worth considering even if you love your job because it is important to think that way. Early retirement is a perspective.

Finally, thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you enjoy the content here!